Creating web applications on Vue js

VUE JS is a progressive JavaScript framework for creating user interfaces. Today, it is one of the most popular open-source options that can simplify and speed up web development.

Who uses it?

Despite the fact that development on VUE JS appeared only in 2013, a number of large companies have already evaluated the framework. Xiaomi, EuroNews, Alibaba, Gitlab and Laracasts, WizzAir, Grammarly, Adobe, Behance, Codeship, Reuters have successfully switched to this technology.
Chess portal, which has more than 19 million users, thanks to the transition to VUE JS has quickly developed and implemented new user functionality. For example, an online chess game.

When is it appropriate to use VUE JS


If it's important to save time

Allows the introduction of elements gradually. Easy to install, learn (through clear and detailed documentation) and integrate with existing projects and libraries.


If you need a complex one-page application

Then creating projects on VUE JS is a great choice. Additional libraries and tools expand the possibilities.


If you're thinking of a busy project

The application created using this technology is characterised by a high speed of work, and the “load” on the resource can be very high (information, media, interactive elements).


If you want to scale and existing project

Small interactive elements can be quickly integrated into the existing structure without affecting the system as a whole. Due to the simple structure it is possible to create large templates and after repeated use.


If you need an adaptable user interface

Switching from other frameworks to VUE JS is fast because of the many similar components. You don’t have to rethink authorisation, user data entry forms, etc.


If size matters

The basic VUE JS library weighs less than 20 Kb, is fast and flexible. The result is higher performance than other frameworks.