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British American Tobacco is a cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company headquartered in London, England. It is the second-biggest cigarette maker in the world as of 2012. BAT has a market-leading position in over 50 countries and operations in around 180 countries. Being anvagardish towards Belarusian market, the company made up its mind to introduce a brand-new product known as tobacco pouches. Imedia Solutions was the company eligible to the extent of developing a web-portal to promote a new product and solidify the level of product’s recognition. The crucial challenges we faced were the following:

  • Improve brand equity and online reach through branded storytelling more aligned with current BAT brand values;
  • Develop overall site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience;
  • Implement case studies to improve trust and credibility and create better conversion;
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by Bitrix CMS.

The solutions that IMedia has come up with:

  • Introduction of the web-page with top-notch design, both simple and advanced in terms of Web 3.0;
  • Development of e-commerce system for this product;
  • A separate web-application for promoters only, who would handle public reviews to analyze the interests of the potential audience.

Website Design

The BAT new product brand was exciting to work on. Their colour palette was given more playtime, through increased emphasis on the blue and light green accents against clean white space. We also created bespoke custom illustrations. The typography we have introduced feels modern and approachable.

Taking into consideration some legislative restrictions (regarding age) we introduced the Regula API – the solution that extracts the data from identity documents to eliminate manual processes and registration forms filling. Thus we allow the web-page access to those who pass the age restriction only in automatic regime.

HTML5, Bootrstrap, and Vue JS – the progressive JavaScript framework – were implemented to paramount the front-end part of the web-page.


Due to the fact BAT is responsible for the analysis of huge amount of data regarding customers and conversion rates, iMedia Solutions specialists offered to implement the e-commerce system the cornerstone of which would be Oracle Cibel CRM for client’s taxonomy: more than 100 content types and forms thus the overall data regarding promoting campaigns, registered users, data grasped from interactive maps, etc – everything would be stored in one place under tight BAT security system.

A strict authorization system for those who would like to buy a new product was introduced with Regula API used – once again, only those compliant to the age restriction and provided the scan of ID document, are eligible to finalize registration procedure successfully.

WEB- application was developed for surveying.This part of the project is intended for the internal usage within BAT.

The essential functions implemented in web-application are:

  • Activities constructor to create well-stylized and seasonal quizzes for administrator;
  • Analyze the results of the held surveys;
  • Use it as a tool for surveys by BAT promoters.

The survey constructor was developed on Vue.js that helped to create dynamic and fast-changing templates for any client’s need.

Functionality is based on the latest PHP version and there is an integration with mass text messaging so it helps to authorize the potential BAT customer and get him/her acquainted with new products.


Through thoroughly deep analysis and accurate development process IMedia Solutions managed to:

  • Introduce simply comfortable and advanced web-page to represent a new BAT product;
  • Develop e-commerce system to acquire the wished items from the presented itinerary;
  • Develop a separate web-application for promoters only with a intuitive constructor to facilitate the process of surveys composition.


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