Turnkey Websites

Industry-leading turnkey sites

At iMedia we always seek to provide you with a powerful turnkey website at a sensible and affordable price. Whether you are looking for a straightforward business-card site or a complex multi-profile e-commerce store, we aim to provide you with the best service at unbeatable cost.
Our team has a combined experience of 15 years in web development and we pride ourselves on using always the latest and most advanced web technologies. As well as our web-building experience we have a wealth of experience in using effective marketing tools. Combining those skills we can produce effective and outstanding turnkey websites that allow your business to do just that; turn the key and go!

Our turnkey Website Creation Process

We consider our turnkey website development to be as vital to our business as our bespoke website development and for this reason, our preparation work is just as detailed.

Objective setting

We seek to ensure that your aims and objectives for your website are clear so we can ensure the system fulfils its purpose.


Market research

We always analyse a large selection of websites within your industry and hand-pick the most effective variants to ensure you see a tangible increase in visits and interactions.


Concept development

Before we begin creating a turnkey website, our team will always create a set of designs which we feel demonstrate the tones, purpose and feel our client expects to see in the end result.


Creating a website

We develop each turnkey web project “from scratch” giving it the same unique feel as a purpose-built site.



Our team are experienced in providing clear and concise end-user training and will happily spend time with your employees to ensure they are proficient in all features of our website.


Support and promotion

We are also more than happy to continue to take care of your site once live. We can help to keep the content up-to-date, updating software and integrating with new tools thereby making sure you always have a state-of-the-art website.