React Development

React JS is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries created by Facebook. The library allows you to develop load-resistant, high-performance web applications. It divides the page into several simple modules that can be reused in other parts of the web resource. This, in turn, simplifies the work of developers and allows customers to get faster results.

Benefits you’ll gain from developing on React JS

Thanks to the great experience of our specialists and the wide functionality of React JS Library you will get a quality web application with high page loading speed, fast site with high performance even with maximum traffic flow, a multi-platform application that will display equally well on all devices, a project that can easily be transferred to iOS and Android mobile platforms using React Native, and lastly a web application that is easy to maintain (even if one module fails, the impact on the entire site will be minimal).
The ability to reuse the written code in React JS allows you to create a web application without any errors because the less code you need to write, the less likely it is that the development will be deficient.

Our Process


Contact us

First of all, you will contact iMedia Solutions in any convenient way, tell about your business, share your wishes and requirements regarding the future project.


Studying the market

Next, our experts will study the market in which you’re business operates to create a web application that meets all current trends.


Stage of designing all business processes

We will provide everything from A to Z and try to make a project that requires minimal financial investment on your part.


Service cost estimate

The price directly depends on the complexity of the future web application. In any case, we will come to a compromise, assigning a fee that satisfies both you and us.


Prototype Creation

You will see what the future web application will look like and if you want to make the necessary changes.


Development Stage

Our experts create the project taking into account all recommendations from you and send you the result in the agreed term.


Testing and Optimising the Web Application

If there are errors in the process of its use, the developers of iMedia Solutions company promptly eliminate them.


Technical Support

Then your web application is fully functional. For our part, we provide full technical support and even make improvements if necessary.