Node. JS Development

Node JS is a popular software platform with the help of which many web applications are created. Ready-made projects are functional and fast regardless of the traffic. The development of applications on Node JS in Minsk is one of the most popular services of our company.

What are the benefits of the service

  • Easy-to-use web application that can be easily scaled up (even if a thousand people connect to the server at the same time, Node will distribute priorities intelligently, avoiding a failure)
  • A ready project with great functionality and multitasking
  • A project with high productivity and good performance

Our Process


Contact us

The first thing you’ll have to do is contact us and introduce us to your case. We will listen to all recommendations, requirements and requests for a web project that will be developed later.


Scope Analysis

Our specialists will study the niche in which you work and analyse competitors’ applications to make the best possible project for you.


Business Process Engineering

This saves you money and allows you to anticipate possible errors so that they can be corrected before the software is developed.


Cost Calculation

The price depends on several factors and is set individually for each client. The more complex the project is, the more financial resources will have to be spent on its implementation.


Prototype Creation

At this stage, you analyse it and rule if you wish. All your recommendations for improvement will be promptly implemented.


Development Stage

iMedia Solutions specialists proceed directly to Node JS application development.


Testing and Optimisation

If the developer finds bugs, he will 2fix them until everything works out properly.


Application Launch

At this stage, we are not saying goodbye, but providing technical support, as well as making corrections to the application if you so request.