Belcard is the largest Belarus payment system that provides secure access to the electronic payment tool throughout the whole state.

The main objective of the new web-site development was to expand the customers base. Belcard customers are both individual users and entire banking structures, so the result of the work of the iMedia Solutions team was offererd is such vision as:

  • a convenient site with a clear allocation of important information for each part of the target audience;
  • Introduction of activity indicators, thus end-user would have a smooth UI/UX experience while using it.


It has been predefined that Belcard financial institute customers should have convenient access to the web-site anywhere: at work, at home, on the subway, car, plane or train, etc.

For this reason the web-solution has been implemented as an adaptive tool. It is equally displayed on desktop computers, tablets, laptops, mobile phones.

Such technologies as Vue.js, HTML5 and CSS3 were used to implement the functional requirements provided by the client.


Since Belcard is primarily interested in expanding the number of banks that interact with it, some of the information is intended specifically for them. The performance indicators (implemented with the help of Json) page contains structured textual and graphical information that demonstrates client’s extensive infrastructure network, which demonstrates the benefits of working with it.


The news block performs several important functions. Firstly, it demonstrates the stable operation of the company: regular publication of news indicates that the company is operating normally. Secondly, the news allows to cover information for different audiences: employees will find here information about corporate news, individual customers about new card options, banks – about new conditions for cooperation. News can be filtered by year of publication, which greatly facilitates the search. All of this is possible due to usage of jQuery and React Framework.



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