Belarusfilm is the largest company responsible for state and independent visual content making of the Belarusian film industry.

The client contacted iMedia Solutions with the issue regarding poor quality structure of the web-page and outdated design. In addition, it was necessary to make the video content portal convenient to administer. We proposed a solution using the Bitrix CMS platform and a few more killer features that would facilitate the UX/UI aspects of Belarusfilm web-site.


  1. Unique design and quality structure using HTML5, CSS3, and Vue,js

It is now easy to search for the necessary information on the pages of the Belarusfilm website. We have implemented proven UX and UI solutions, used a restrained blue gamut stylization that reminds of theatrical stages.

  1. Adaptive layout and cross-browser compatibility

The site is convenient to use from any devices and browsers. Regardless of the screen resolution, the user will quickly find on the site what interests him (Android and iOS API)

  1. The catalog of filmography

Implemented a convenient filter in the filmography. This also simplified the use of the site for site visitors. (Ruby and PHP for the backend part as well as Json for soothing user’s experience).

  1. Implemented a movie search

Another custom tool, using the search you can quickly find the film of interest from the company’s filmography. (C++ and Python)

As a result, the customer received a full-fledged business web-site with the functionality of an online movie theater.



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