Fitability mobile application – is the iOS only the author’s personal training program, developed by a well-known Russian based trainer.

During pre-development process Fitability was positioned not like just another stamped product of the fitness industry, consisting of a set of random exercises. This was shaped as a unique balanced system of independent training sets, based on ten years of professional experience of the current trainer and international medical developments.

iMedia Solutions faced the following challenges:

  • Analysis of the fitness applications iOs market and shaping the most advanced solution for the client;
  • Defining the development environment so as to steer clear of potential bugs and crashes that might be appearing after release;
  • Choosing the programming language that would facilitate the development and version update history.

Development and release

Due to reserved policy of Apple ecosystem, we had only a few options to choose, thus Swift was selected as the most advanced and flexible language for development, which helped us introduce such features:

  • A video trainer performing the entire complex with you;
  • Introduction of self-training programs that you can choose based on user’s physical condition and free time. At the same time, the complex remains balanced and effective, and does not turn into a set of random exercises;
  • Adding stretching and relaxation exercises which are the logical and important conclusion to each workout. They were added as the update after release.


By using Swift iMedia Solution have verfied themselves as a set of modern professionals which made it possible for the client to:

  • Digitalize the client’s peer base and enlarge the amount of trainees;
  • Generate the 70% income after application release;
  • Use the iOS application developed on Swift as the primary tool of income and communication with the customers.


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