Web development on Yii

Yii is a highly efficient framework, which can be used to quickly develop large web resources of any complexity. The framework allows you to effectively use existing developments to create new web projects.
We are different from our competitors as our development team is highly experienced, we have a large portfolio, our projects have minimal terms of implementation and our prices our reasonable.

Problems that we solve and why our sites work effectively

Taking into account the fact that the created sites are commercially oriented, our developers take seriously the issue of creating high-quality web-resources. Most of the sites created by us do not lose their relevance for 5-7 years.

The benefits of Yii sites include

High productivity, availability of a built-in-class for data validation, the possibility of design changes due to built-in-themes, availability of a caching system to speed up page loading and finally a high degree of safety.

Framework use

This framework allows you to create large applications, providing the opportunity to maximise the use of the concept of memory with the subsequent use of code, which contributes to a significant reduction in the time required to develop the site. If you need a mobile version of a small website, it is not advisable to use Yii for its creation, but if you need a large project, this framework will be best suited for you due to its high performance. To study the Yii framework, it will take a long time, as it has undergone numerous modifications since 2008, and its source code is still being improved today.

How we work


Creating an interactive prototype


Layout design and layout (if necessary)




Project testing


Finding the right hosting


Installation of the finished project on hosting