Buslik is the first shopping network mainly dedicated to children. Nowadays the network estimates the network of 50 stores, with 20 of them located in Minsk. Primarily an online store was intended to be an online-counter of a wide range of items for children from very birth to 12 years. The assortment includes more than 25 thousand items and is constantly updated, changing depending on the wishes of customers.

Recently Buslik have changed their mind to refresh the web-site and make it more attractive to potential customers, thus expanding the sales rate and increasing conversion rates. iMedia Solutions specialists have offered the following ideas:

  • Implementation of new design and renovation of the whole front-end part of the web-page;
  • Reconsideration of the business logics, so customer will get to know more information about any specific item presented in the online-store;
  • Introduction of the multi-level menu

As the result Buslik.by has been introduced with the following solutions.

  • Product item

Almost every product in the Buslik online store has various modifications: colors, sizes, contains a detailed description, and in some cases video files. The latest version of Javascript, Swift, was used implement such feature.

Furthermore, with such an abundance of information, great importance was paid to creating a convenient product card. On the site it is presented in three versions:

  • a small card in the catalog, goods with which you can add to the basket without going to a detailed description;
  • a smart card where the user can see basic information about trading offers;
  • the main product card, on which the user can familiarize himself with the complete information about the product and its availability in various stores of the Buslik network.
  • Design

The site design is as simple as possible and highlights the most important information blocks for the user and customer. Mostly light colors of the site with bright splashes in the style of the logo are designed for female perception, since the main audience of the site is mothers. Rounded fonts cause subconscious trust of the user and push him to order goods.

Adaptive and simple according to client’s requirements.

  • Multi-level menu

Bootstrap 4 Multilevel Dropdown Menu using HTML, Javascript, jQuery, and CSS was implemented in order to showcase the menu both reliable and informative for all users.

  • Сatalogue

Each section of the product catalog contains a huge number of products, so there are filters to the right of the catalog that help the user make a choice and view only those products that have the characteristics he needs.

At the same time, the user can select the desired section by going through breadcrumbs, selecting it in the menu or clicking on the banners at the top of the page.



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